lunathique: (ladies night)
( Apr. 24th, 2006 06:04 pm)
I was browsing and got this quote: Friends are not the one who laugh when you laugh and cry when you cry. They are the ones who make you laugh and stop you from crying.

It's inspiring. I guess we always think friends will behave as the first explanation. Friends is the one who will be on our side either in good times or bad times. They laugh and cry with us. But the second explanation is better.

Sometimes when we cry over a stupid worthless man whose breaking up with us the zillionth time, a real friend will stop us from crying. Real friends are not afraid to tell you the reality about life and you only to make you happy and make you living in lies. They show you the truth and stay there to hold you when you can't stand your ground to face it. They'll tell you nonetheless, even if they know you'll hate them for telling the truth. They want the best for you eventhough the consequence is losing your friendship. They teach you that reality bites, and they walk with you through it. And when you think you've lost them, they will always be around. They may not be with the sweetest talking, and they may not be the one who praise you the most. But they will be the ones that stay with you until the end.


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