Along the way I've learned,
that we cannot always have what we want,
but we surely do always get what we need;

Though the mistakes and problems I had,
I've learned that they can make you stronger
if you don't give up on them;
I've also learned that nothing can make you down
if you don't let them;

I've learned that being happy is a choice,
the way you let yourself see life,
the glasses you wear;
It can be black or white, coloured, or it can be gray,
it can be half full or half empty;
When you stop complaining about things
to see how blissfull you are with thousand other things.

I've learned that you cannot make everyone happy,
and sometimes -even if it's hard- you have to hurt someone.

I've learned to cherish this very moment,
not living in the past or confuse in future,
because we are living right now,
not in the shadow of the past,
or the unseen future that may not come;
Who says you'll be live tomorrow to indulge with all the troubles that might come.

I've learned that there's a season for everything,
and there're times to stop when you know you must;
I've learned that life changes, everything changes,
and I change with it.

I've learned that real friends
are not the ones who laughs and cry with you,
but the ones who make you laugh and stop you cry;
They are not the ones who agrees with everything you say,
but they tell you the truth, they tell you that reality bites,
even if you can't accept them;
They are the ones who still stand with you
when you finally realize that reality does bite,
and they are the ones who walk you through it;
I've learned that being one is not easy and when you got them,
they are simply the ones whom you should treasure.

I've learned that being somebody else
is not always good as we thought;
Everyone has their own problems,
and when you're in their shoes,
then you could see that you're luckier than them.

I've learned that fear is something you gotta face,
not something you run away from;
I've also learned that heartbreak
is a part you have to go through in learning to love;
And I've learned to believe that
no matter how much mine is broken to pieces,
in the end someone will help me gather its true form again,
I believe it's worth the pain.

I've learned that I still have much more to learn;
I've learned that even in your lowest day,
you can still have things to learn.

And as I keep learning, I keep changing.


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