I am currently in love with Adhitia Sofyan's songs. I've liked his song "Adelaide Sky" for couple of years but I haven't got my hands on any other songs by him until recently. Someone mentioned "After The Rain" on twitter and I downloaded it. Again, I am fascinated by his music. So I did a quick google search and downloaded more of his. It's the kinda songs you'd put when it's raining outside, while reading books and have your cup of tea. Lately I hear them on my morning, and before I go to sleep. It's soothing and calm to the soul.

Go and check out his songs. You can download the songs straight from his website. Try to download his mini album "I'm Not Getting Any Slimmer, So Here We Go" to taste few of his works before you downloaded his two albums. My fave so far is "Adelaide Sky", "After The Rain", and "Don't Look Back". The last two is in his latest album "Forget Your Plans".

"I’ll be hearing my own foot steps under Adelaide sky
Would you be kind enough to remember me"


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