I finally went to Japan. Yay me! It's been a dream since I grew fascinated with the country and everything involves Japan. The food, the manga, the music, the culture. So it's like a dream when I stepped my foot there. Even now it still feel like one :)

Luck came to me when Air Asia was pre-launching their new route, Kuala Lumpur to Osaka, last year. I got a pretty damn cheap return ticket, and so I booked one without any hesitation. Yep, I booked one for myself. Just me myself and I. My parents (and just everyone else) thinks I'm nuts, going there alone. Japan, a land people know is not friendly to foreigners. Where people don't speak English, don't have signs in English, and a bunch of other things. Only one friend (yes, I'm looking at you) believe that I can make it. He was my sole supporter and have more faith than I did, that I can conquer the massive-spidery-lines of Tokyo subway. My only fear of going alone was that I'll get lost in Tokyo underground, not knowing which line to go. Guess what, I managed! He was right, it's useless trying to figure out the complex system of Tokyo subway map before you get there. You'll figure it out yourself when you're there. It didn't make sense to me, but it does now :)

So here's the recap of what happened there ;)

Into the land of the rising sun )


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